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Entry #1


2010-08-06 17:57:27 by Zemeh

This summer has given me some crazy awesome ideas to do or have done over the summer and it seems a bit late. I have been wondering what to do with my time by wasting my time. It kinda sucks if you know what I mean. This year has been a major bummer, but this coming up school year looks pretty bright. I am just glad to be out of that hypocritical private school after four years.

With that in mind I continue my journey into becoming a great comedy sketch writer. Not really, but I just have some very random ideas to do that I might just make. Let us venture into the depths of my mind.

My very strange idea is to make a music video about cutting the grass. Yes, it seems dumb but what I envision I think would appeal to a large group of people. You see, if "I'm on a Boat" can make it big why can't this? All I need is a black guy with a fairly large hat and nifty glasses that sings with distortion to make it great. The thing I see in my mind is heavy rap to something like...

I'll cut yo ass to pieces.

Cut you down

Burn you up

Yeah well thats all I have for a basis. It is pretty lame right? Yeah well I think i'd be fun to do anyways. Maybe I should start making just random clips just because.


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2010-08-06 19:21:54

Just make something for a contest, that way you have the potential to profit from it!

Zemeh responds:

Hmm I think I should, at least for experience.


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