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January 21, 2011 Update

2011-01-21 20:26:47 by Zemeh

Lately I have been working more artistically than I have ever been. Art has become a major part of my life and I think it is sticking hold to me. Hopefully never to let go. I have been making more traditional art pieces rather than digital paintings in Photoshop which I am known better for. If you have read this then you have probably seen my art pieces under my profile page and if you have not then you should.

On another note my animation skills have been improving rapidly as my dedication increases. I am starting a new love for animation with witty small clips. This probably won't last another few months unfortunately. As some of you know (if you animate) it is a difficult process that will bore the animator unless you have AMAZING music playing. While I am a simple stick figure animator, I am also getting back into full body animation and I am very proud of my work. If this never leaves me then I will be a happy man.

On my free time, when I am feeling very outgoing, I will try and learn Xcode. If you do not know what Xcode is then let me tell you simply. It is the software that Apple gives to developers to create application or manipulate the ios code. With me trying to learn this, I have set a goal. This goal is to create (an) app(s) which could be used for places like my father work place which could potentially be bought by his boss. Since my father is the CTO of the company it is a little easier to gain access. I will try and not waste an opportunity like this. While it might seem that I am in over my head, let me tell you that I have already started and it is just a matter of learn the language and software interface. Youtube tutorials help for personalizing the topic but Apple tutorials help with everything else. This is a good mixture to further my advancement. Though the only thing I can do now is create a simple text and image based application for the Iphone.

More animations, art, and maybe even tutorials to come. <3

January 21, 2011 Update


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